No Oil on the beach

No Oil on the beach have been all over
and have seen no oil at rollover pass.

water was fairly clean yesterday Friday july 16 2010 fishing has been good.


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Tideland Before and After Shots

[url] Tidelands Before and after Shots at Crystal Beach [url]

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Beach Water conditions

the wind has been out of the north the last 2 mornings beach has been fairly slick with clean water.

winds have been out of the north at 8-10 mph with cooll morninga around 70 degrees

tides have been a little above normal since Gustav but are returning to normal.

rollover pass tides are as follows

F 5 High 5:48 AM 1.4
5 Low 5:41 PM 0.1

Sa 6 High 6:29 AM 1.4
6 Low 6:36 PM 0.2

Su 7 High 7:06 AM 1.5
7 Low 7:53 PM 0.2

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September 05, 2008

BOLIVAR Tides are above normal. Flounder and redfish are fair to good around Rollover Pass on jigs tipped with shrimp on the incoming tide. Trout are fair on the beach on topwaters and live bait. Report of a lot of good size reds at the pass with live minnows and tipped jigs last weekend on the incoming tide.

TRINITY BAY Trout are fair to good around the shell pads of the Sun Getty lease. Trout are fair to good while drifting slicks and deep shell. Redfish are good on the north shoreline on gold spoons.

EAST GALVESTON BAY Trout are fair to good on mid-bay reefs on live shrimp and plastics. Trout are fair around the wells on live bait.

WEST GALVESTON BAY Whiting, gafftop and sand trout are good on the beach on fresh shrimp. Trout are fair on live shrimp while drifting reefs and working birds. Redfish are fair to good for waders working the guts and bayous on live shrimp and small topwaters.

TEXAS CITY Higher tides have pushed trout on the flats. Black drum, redfish and gafftop are fair to good around the rocks on shrimp. Trout are good at night under the lights on live shrimp and DOA Shrimp.

NORTH SABINE Tides have risen in the wake of Hurricane Gustav. Trout are fair to good in the river on shad. Redfish are good in the marsh on small topwaters. Trout have been taken in the middle of the lake under birds.

SOUTH SABINE Trout are fair while drifting slicks and birds on soft plastics. Trout are fair at the jetty on topwaters and live bait.

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